Ultra High Density ID HVOF™

Ultra High Density ID HVOF™ (UHD ID HVOF™) is a thermal spray process that uses oxygen and a combustible fuel to produce a low heat, high density, mechanically bonded coating with extremely low porosity and high bond strength. CASL's proprietary UHD ID HVOF™ is capable of delivering all the benefits of HVOF but for inside diameters as small as 2.00”. Typical coatings include tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, stainless steel, Inconel and Monel.

Ultra High Density ID HVOF™

Features and Benefits

All the same properties of OD HVOF, but now capable of coating inside diameters as small as 2.00” up to lengths of 12'

Benefit: Eliminates weak link in cases where OD is HVOF coated and ID is chrome plated. Common weakness found in many down hole tool components.

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