CASL is committed to ensuring all reasonable precautions are taken to protect employees, the public, property, and the environment from any health and safety risk arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the execution of our business activities. Every CASL employee and subcontractor has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

At CASL we know that incident prevention is a prerequisite to optimal performance. Positive results can only be achieved by providing safe and healthy working conditions and maintaining equipment in excellent working order. CASL sustains and cultivates a positive safety culture where everyone is held accountable.

Management and employee co-operation is essential to workplace safety. It is the responsibility of every CASL supervisor to ensure that all health and safety policies, practices and procedures required to perform the assigned tasks are carried out in all CASL workplaces. It is the responsibility of every employee to observe and comply with all health and safety workplace policies, practices and procedures required by CASL.

CASL is COR certified with an award winning safety program. CASL’s safety system meets the most stringent customer requirements including compliance in ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks and Worksafe registered programs.

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