About Casl

CASL offers a broad range of premium metallic coatings designed to solve industry’s most severe corrosion, erosion and abrasion challenges. Application systems include thermal spray, weld overlay, hard chrome and sulfamate nickel plating with the capability to process the largest components and most complex geometries found in mining, oil & gas, forestry, energy, polymer processing and petrochemical operations. CASL’s extensive machining and finishing infrastructure provide clients the option of turnkey service, eliminating the requirement for costly and protracted supply chain management.

For heavy equipment operators, CASL offers a comprehensive hydraulic cylinder and component remanufacturing service. CASL’s vertically integrated operation allows for rapid turnaround and control over all critical process steps including hard chrome plating, thermal spray coatings, part manufacturing, re-rod and re-tube and testing at full operating pressure. Reduce asset owning and operating costs by remanufacturing components that will achieve performance and service life equal to new at a fraction of the cost.

Refined over twenty-five years of servicing the extreme wear conditions found in the Canadian oilsands, CASL’s proprietary eutectic tungsten carbide overlays protect and prolong the service life of carbon steel piping and other high cost components subjected to the harshest operating environments.

CASL’s TSI Division specializes in the fabrication of tungsten carbide overlaid components and severe service slurry and tailings piping spools, including straights up to 40’ long and 120” diameter, bends, reducers, wyes and tees. Eutectic tungsten carbide is the toughest commercially available overlay, and with over a thousand spools in service TSI clients regularly enjoy service life four times greater than the more commonly selected chrome carbide coating. TSI’s in-house materials engineering team is available to analyze client operating conditions and customize alloy blends to meet specific operating goals or minimize asset owning and operating costs.


Clients with large fixed assets, such as amine towers, boiler tubes, tanks and pressure vessels in severe service applications will benefit from TSI’s broadly experienced on-site thermal spray service.

CASL’s TSI has thirty years experience solving the most severe erosion and corrosion challenges faced by international oil and gas, petrochemical, energy and forestry clients. TSI’s modern high energy combustion and twin wire arc coating systems coupled with application engineered material selection, including aluminum, stainless, monel, Hastelloy and tungsten carbide, leads to improved reliability, extended service life and reduced asset owning and operating cost. TSI has global reach and extensive experience managing time sensitive and complicated plant turnarounds and shut downs.