Pipeline Rehabilitation & Creative Solutions Project Summary – EnerClear Services Inc.

Customer/Owner: An international oil and gas corporation, with global offshore and North American onshore operations.

Project Description: EnerClear was contacted in April 2017 by a Project Engineer for the pipeline owner concerning a situation where multiple high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner collapses had resulted in trapped pipeline pigs. The owner was in the process of removing the collapsed locations and was, planning to pull the remaining liner and repair the pipeline with new material. Following consultation with EnerClear, and partly due to an extremely tight repair schedule, the owner elected to protect the existing pipeline from further corrosion using EnerClear’s proprietary Insitu Pipeline Cleaning and Coating Process.

Project Scope: EnerClear was responsible for the safe and timely execution of the project, including cleaning, etching, passivating and coating the entire length of the pipeline.

Pipeline Diameter: 4” (114 mm OD)

Pipeline Length: 7,800 feet (2,400 meters)

Pipeline Condition: existing pipeline pitted (from corrosion prior to installation of liner) and new pipeline sections showing mill-scale (from manufacturing process).

Project Location: North-Eastern British Columbia

Pipeline Corrosive Media: high Cl, high Na+, high dissolved solids and hardness. Additional concerns expressed by owner with respect to the compatibility of epoxy coating material and pipeline chemical treatment program (inhibitors, surfactants, and biocides).

Coating Thickness Required: minimum 9 mils

Project Schedule: 14 days

Project Summary: The coating material/chemical treatment was confirmed compatible; at the typical pressures, temperatures, and concentrations there should be no concerns about compatibility.

Using a combination of pipeline pigs, solvents, cleaning agents and acids, EnerClear successfully achieved a NACE 2 surface preparation, with an average surface profile of 1.75 mil.

Figure 1 (below) shows a welded pipeline joint, partially cleaned with residual hydrocarbons and scale on the surface.

Figure 1

Figure 2 (below) shows the same area, cleaned of all scale and residue to a NACE 2 standard, ready for passivation and coating application

Figure 2

Coating material was applied to an average thickness of 10.6 mils DFT.

Figure 3 (below) shows the same weld as Figures 1 and 2, after coating application. The weld is fully enveloped in coating material

Figure 3

EnerClears’ highly skilled and dedicated crew were able to safely complete the entire pipeline cleaning and coating process in 12 days, returning the pipeline to the Owner in early June.


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