New Pipeline Protection Project Summary – EnerClear Services Inc.

Customer/Owner: A Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company.

Project Description: EnerClear have a long history with this pipeline owner having completed over 25 projects to date with scopes including water injection, produced water, produced emulsion, produced gas, oil, and effluent pipelines.

Project Scope: EnerClear was responsible for the safe and timely execution of the project, including cleaning, etching, passivating, and coating the entire length of the pipeline.

Pipeline Diameter: 4” to 10” (114 mm to 273 mm OD)

Pipeline Length: 2900 to 38000 feet (900 to 11600 meters)

Pipeline Condition: new pipeline sections showing mill-scale from manufacturing process.

Project Location: British Columbia and Alberta

Pipeline Corrosive Media: high Cl, high Na+, high dissolved solids & hardness, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide.

Coating Thickness Required: minimum 9 mils

Project Schedule: varies

Project Summary: This owner has determined that significant savings and operational benefits can be achieved using the EnerClear Insitu Pipeline Cleaning and Coating process because;

  1. The coating is applied in one continuous pass from start to finish AFTER the field joints are welded. Benefits include:
    1. Assurance there is coating coverage over 100% of the pipeline ID, including defects caused by the field welds. There are no discontinuities in the coating at the field joints.
    2. Lower capital cost and improved coating integrity versus shop coating the line pipe and manually coating the field joints after welding.
    3. Reduced timeline relative to shop coating the line pipe and manually coating the field joints after welding.
    4. Improved flow efficiency.
  2. The pro-actively coated lines are not susceptible to corrosion should the inhibitor program/system fail.

Figure 1

Figure 1, above, shows a typical (pig receiving end) site setup. In this case, our tent was located on a temporary pipe spool approximately 40’ away from the manifold. For this location, EnerClear deployed a tent, a work trailer, a telehandler and three pipeline technicians; meaning very minimal site impact.


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